FAQ for Wedding Events

Frequently asked questions about wedding services:

Why should I hire a concierge for my guests?

We help busy people and there is no one, and we mean NO ONE, busier than a bride planning her wedding. Between arranging dates, finding a coordinator, venue, DJ, flowers, guest lists, color theme, etc. etc. etc., and then trying to work, have a social life, and trying to maintain some form of a normal life, it is really too much to assist all of your friends and family. You only have so much time and understandably your focus is on YOUR DAY. Access Bend Concierge will take on all of the time consuming activities dealing with your guests so you can stay on track with the  important task of making your  wedding everything you have dreamed of.

What services are included in each package?

Access Bend will perform any services and tasks needed to take the pressure off of you and assist your guests. The main services will be to locate appropriate hotel or other accommodations and where possible reserve blocks; provide driving directions to the wedding and other events; provide information on transportation options; make reservations for dinner and local activities; book local activities for the guests; book group activities for the wedding party and family; provide reccommendations and assistance regarding local restaurants, stores, events, activities; answer inquires and otherwise deal with all guest needs. (We have negotiated discounts with many of the acitvity operators in the area and some restaurants and would be happy to pass those savings on when we book the reservations).

How will Access Bend perform it’s services?

We will create a system to communicate with your guests based on whatever format you are comfortable with. For example, if you have a wedding website we will prepare an introduction and contact information sheet. We will also prepare information sheets on hotels, restaurants and activities that you can copy or post  (or if we are given editing rights we can do it). Your guests will be encouraged to direct all questions to us that may involve their stay in Central Oregon. Our phone numbers, email addresses and website address will be provided to permit guests to contact us directly for assistance. Depending on the number of guests, we can also contact them directly to offer help and provide advice and make arrangements.

What is the difference between the three packages?

First off, the quality and type of services performed under the three packages is the same. We will do whatever it takes and whatever we can to ensure your guests have a wonderful time here in Central Oregon. Much of the background leg work has already been done such as meeting with various vendors and negotiating basic terms so we are focused on the specifics of your wedding and needs of your guests. Most of our time is therefore dedicated to communicating with your guests to make their arrangements, and give them a lay of the land. Ours is a personal service that we take very personally.

There are three wedding guest packages available:

The Gold Package includes communications with guests to arrange accommodations, transportation and activities, a welcome bag, and our answering guestions and needs of the guests both before and after they arrive.

The Diamond Package includes all of the guest communications and assistance and other services in the Gold Package and includes a children’s gift bag, arranging airport pickups and arranging a family and wedding party dinner.

The top of the line is our VIP Package that includes all guest contacts and communications that assist with arranging accommodations, transportation, directions and activities; a welcome bag; a children’s welcome bag; arranging airport pickups; arranging a pre-wedding welcome party; arranging a family and wedding party dinner; calling guests who have not RSVP’d; packaging and shipping wedding gifts; a gift certificate from the bride and the groom; reservations and RSVP’s for restaurant/spa treatments, et.; sending a Thank You note from Bend after the wedding; assisting with errands/minor snags and fixes; answering all guests’ questions and needs; and arranging babysitting.

Prices for each package are based on the number of guests on your guest list. Please contact Rob Garvie at robertcgarvie@gmail.com for pricing and any additional package information.

What is not included in Access Bend Concierge’s Guest Services?

We are not wedding planners and limit our services to dealing with the needs of your guests. Our packages are for services only, so expenses such as postage are invoiced separately. Any expenses incurred on behalf of the guests are to be paid by the guests, not you.

Who are we?

First off, we are people that love what we do. We have a vast array of experience that allows us to interact with people from all walks of life. Our team consists of Rob Garvie, Eric West, and Cindi Garvie. Our backgrounds include years of legal services, hotel front desk/concierge services, fitness training, art gallery work and outdoor activities throughout the world from Canada to New Zealand and all over California, Idaho and Oregon. Access Bend Concierge has been the premier concierge service in Bend for the past four years and we are proud of our work and reputation. “Amazing” is the adjective most often used by our clients to describe their experience and we look forward to helping make your guests’ experience “Amazing” as well.

What else should I know about Access Bend Concierge?

We are serious about what we do, but make it fun. We are licensed and bonded. We carry both liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance. We are professional and mature. we have traveled extensively and know what it is like to venture into a new place without a guide. We enjoy helping people and have a desire to ensure visitors, and in particular your guests, get a taste of the wonderful life we are fortunate enough to enjoy every day here in Central Oregon.

If you have any questions, please use our contact form to let us know.

Sincerely, ABC.

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