Spring Cleaning

How to attack Spring Cleaning

As winter starts to wind down, we begin to see the sun shining and thoughts of getting out of the house start to cross our minds. After being cooped up inside for several months, our houses may feel cluttered and overcrowded. How does one go about the process of Spring Cleaning with a smile on our face?

First, the fear of beginning is sometimes the biggest hurdle. Realize that all things small and large can be done. If man can get to the moon, certainly man can spring clean, right?

Sitting down at the table and writing up a plan can often start the process on the right foot. Where do you want to begin? How many boxes will you need for Goodwill, for storage, for the dump? What is a good day to begin? Will anyone help you? Then, begin a little at a time! I remember when I was younger, I had what I like  to call “fear of desk.” My desk was insurmountable…paperwork everywhere and no desk in sight. Then my Dad told me to pick up one piece of paper at a time, and deal with it and no more.  After that, I was able to go through the piles on my desk, knowing that I was facing one tree at a time, not a whole forest.

To continue, put your boxes against one wall in the house and label them with a marker. Then start in ONE closet, or on one desk, or in one room. Turn some music on, and pretty soon you will find that the time goes by enjoyably.

For larger projects, please feel free to call us. We will be happy to come and pack up boxes, deliver them to the correct facility, or move things to storage for you. No job is too big for Access Bend Concierge.

In summary, enjoy the beginning of Spring. Clean out the inside and get out to the outside! The mountains await you.

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